Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Retro 51 Tornado stealth black rollerball review

At first, I only liked this pen because of the all-black colour scheme. I wasn't really convinced about the tapered barrel design, and the rollerball refill.

This pen really grew on me. I used it a lot the past couple of years (which is noticeable, the barrel is heavilly scuffed, and the mechanism is almost stuck because of some stupid Parker refil, that decided to exploded on the inside!) But I really started to love it!

It's a sturdy and heavy pen, and twisting the mechanism feels rock-solid. The fact that it's still in this good shape after years of (ab)use says a lot about the quality!

The rollerbal refill wasn't my cup of tea either, but as I mentioned in the Moleskine rollerball refil review: I only used Parker rollerballs before, and those are not a great reference at all! And I actually agree with Myke from the penaddict podcast: this is the best rollerball refill ever (at least the best I ever tried!)

It comes in a variety of other colours, styles and there are also some limited editions. The normal ones sell for as little as 25 Euros/ 21 USDollars for the cheapest model. The limited editions are 30 to 40 dollars. Not too expensive, at least that's what I think!

I guess I'm starting to like rollerball pens! I Never thought that would ever happen!


  1. Just ordered one of these and after reading your review, can't wait to get my hands on it.

    Good luck with your blog!

  2. You won't be dissapointed, I promise! If you don't like the rollerball refill (which I highly doubt!) you can always swap it for a normal parker style refill! Enjoy the pen!!!

  3. I never thought I would like rollerballs either, then I started using the Vintage Lincoln rollerball...now I'm hooked. I've bought three more and now, there is always one in my purse. :)