Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Moleskine rollerball refill

-I must say, my expectations for this refill weren't too high, mainly because I only know Parker rollerball refill, and those are horrible!-

But I was wrong, I guess! I bought only because a lot of people (like Brad and Myke on the penaddict podcast) were saying it is very good!

It writes a lot smoother than Parker rollerballs, the line is much more consistent and it's a nice deep black ink! It dries reasonably fast on this smooth pape, about 5 seconds, and it's completely dry!

I had nothing better than this 'vintage' Parker jotter to put the refill in!

The moleskine pens themselves are really overpriced at about 15 Euros. That's really the only reason I din't buy the whole pen. I didn't even consider getting the pen.  it's just a plastic pen, it can't be worth more than 5 Euros, at least that's my opinion!

The refills are surprisingly cheap, at about 3 Euros, they are well worth their price!

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