Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kaweco classic sport fountain pen (transparent version)

I've been a Kaweco fan for a long time now, I already knew them for quite a while when the 'Kaweco hype' started!
I have four Kaweco pens (three fountain pens, and a ballpoint pen)? So I'll also be reviewing the other ones in the next couple of days or weeks! And I'll start off with the classic sport fountain pen.

But first off, I want to say something about the ink I'm currently using in this pen. Because it is a little special.
I made it myself, using old Sheaffer ink and a bit of normal black ink. I think it turned out quite nice, with a Bordeaux, almost aubergine colour, and a hint of black in it!

Back to the pen, the Kaweco (classic) sport looks very nice, almost like a demonstrator, and it writes pretty good as well.

The design of the pen is OK, I won't say I love it. but it's well made, and it's certainly different from the average fountain pen. With the cap being almost as long as the barrel itself, it looks a little weird. But it does make it small when closed, and normal length when the cap is posted, which makes it a very functional pen to tuck away in your pants pocket.

The nib on this pen is very similar to the aluminum versions, though the nib unit can't be removed. But for me that's not a problem, because I like the current M nib very much. It feels like the nib is not as broad as a normal medium nib, but that could be an illusion, as I'm wrote the review on smooth Clairefontaine paper, which usually seems to make a line appear a little finer!

I use this pen quite a lot, though this ink isn't really suited for every task. I prefer blue ink for everyday schoolwork.

It's a well performing pen, and it has never let me down so far, so I would say it's definitely worth it's money (Well, it's not that expensive anyway!) for about 20 Euros or 25 USDollars, it's really a perfect entry level fountain pen!


  1. I might have to check out one of these soon. I am always on the lookout for a good, inexpensive fountain pen.