Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Faber-castell Emotion pearwood pencil

I've had this pencil for quite a few years now, and I actually never really liked it very much. untill I recently discovered that the way it is sharpened, can improve it's performance considerably.

I never really tried to sharpen the 1.4mm lead. Which made it annoying, and practically impossible to use for taking notes or writing something down. But after sharpening it with sanding paper to make a very long tapered point, it becomes much easier to use for writing. And the lead actually retains it's lead for quite a while!

I mostly bought it because of the lovely design. It's extremely tapered, especially in the front, where it gets too narrow to hold. So you automatically hold it further down the barrel, that's why it is a great sketching pencil. It has a nice, large eraser under the twist cap (yes, it has a twist-action mechanism!) It has a substantial wheight, mostly because of the metal parts. You would think the mechanism is also made out of metal, but unfortunately it isn't, though it still feels very sturdy. My guess, they probably used plastic because it would become too heavy if they used more metal!

It's filled up with Faber-castell lead. I must honestly say I didn't come across another brand that makes leads in this size, so I didn't really have a choice. It also only comes in B hardness,  which makes it very smooth, it is of typical Faber-castell quality: very high!

The only real downside is the price, it isn't cheap! But it's very well made, and if you want a luxurious pencil, and you don't mind the unusual lead size, you might want to give it a try!


  1. Have you tried a lead pointer? I know they work with 2mm but I haven't tried them with thinner leads.

    1. Yes I did actually, I have some different 2mm sharpeners. But it's very difficult to sharpen it to a nice point, because it does not fit snugly so the shape of the point is always irregular. I prefer my sandpaper-tool, it gives me more freedom to sharpen it how I want!

  2. Found your blog via link from The Well Appointed Desk. Way to go. I'm a pencil/pen/notebook addict so the more blogs the better.