Monday, July 15, 2013

Pilot Prera fountain pen

The Pilot Prera is another one of those excellent quality Japanese fountain pens. The nib is very fine, but still very smooth. It comes in a variety of colours, and the price is still very reasonable.

I chose the beige/ creme coloured version, mostly because the black ones were sold out. But the colour looks good, very classy and stylish. And at least it brings some variation in my allmost totally black pen collection!

I think the desing of the pen looks good too, no doubt about that! It's a pretty standard shape. But it has some modern, cool-looking details, like the concave-shaped clip. And the overall build quality is also very good! It's not a huge pen, but it's definitely not uncomfortably small
, and the cap is postable, so it shouldn't be an issue!

The nib is definitely the best feature of this pen. For a pen of this price, it writes very good! (Okay, it might not be a very cheap pen!) Mine has a M nib, but as you can see it writes more like a European F. Of course that is normal for Asian pens! It writes very smooth, and I never had issues with skipping, even though it writes a little dryer than most of my pens. I used it for quite a while as my everyday writer, which definitely means something!

For 50 USDollars/ 35 Euros. It's performance is definitely on par with the lamy safari or al-star, or a Kaweco classic sport, which are all in the same price range. But as  always, it depends on your own preferences, as some people don't like the finer nibs, whereas I do!

Note: The ink I used in the written review is Sailor jentle blue-black.


  1. This pen is on my wish list, although I prefer the clear version with the colors on the ends. I do like a fine nib, too, so it's good to know that the medium nib performs like a fine nib.

    1. To me it seems like a fine nib yes, but that's still a matter of preference!