Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some special pencils...

These are just some of my woodcased pencils that are somehow a little different than the rest. Some are made from a different material, some have cool designs, some have funny names,...

Oh! and as you can see, because the weather was very good today, I thought I'd leave my white background, and I made some grassy pictures!

From top to bottom: Eberhard Faber Tricki dicki, Kirin pencil , Chinese newspaper pencil, Faber-Castell design all-black, Faber-Castell grip sparkle, Berol Eagle jeans pencil

  • The Eberhard Faber Tricki Dicki, a tri-colour pencil (blue, yellow, red) with an awesome name! You have to admit, you want a pencil with this name, don't you! 

  • The Kirin pencil  is made in Japan (Kirin is a Japanese brand, as far as I know!) It is flat, and it has measurements on both side, so it can be used as a ruler as well. (it has Centimeter markings on one side and Inches on the other.) You can buy Kirin pencils from Pencils Japan, their webshop can be found here.

  •  Faber-castell grip Sparkle, Click here for the full review about these pencils! The all black version is also featured in this review! Ooh, they have diamonds on them! (Not real I'm affraid!) 

  • Unknown brand Japanese newspaper pencil. Actually made from Japanese newspapers! It looks awesome, but it's quite difficult to sharpen. Fellow blogger Bleistift made a very good comparison between recycled paper/plastic pencils, you can find it here

  •  Berol Eagle jeans pencil. I am really fascinated by this one. I found out that it is actually made from pieces of jeans fabric! It's a very dense, hard pencil, so it is another difficult pencil to sharpen. But I love the way it looks. It is already a very old pencil, I've had it for ten years now, so I don't know if they still make them now!
         Ps: It used to have an eraser on it as well, with a very nice dark grey metal trim. But... one day I decided to randomly cut it off, such a shame...

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