Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lamy persona 'Titanium' fountain pen

Things are getting serious now! This is by far the most expensive pen I own, being my only 14k nib fountain pen ( Owww, that's a lie, I actually own a vintage Pelikan with a 14k nib, but I don't really use it!)

The Lamy Persona was their flagship series, but they have been discontinued for quite a few years now! Fortunately I got the opportunity to buy one for HALF THE PRICE!! Which is a great deal of course, as it was a completely new pen, not second hand! Of course I didn't hesitate, and I bought it right away!

I'd better start talking about the pen itself now! As I said, it has a 14k gold nib. Oh my, it writes like a dream, and somehow the nib has a bit of springyness (I refuse to say flex, because it is NOT meant for flex writing! Really don't try it, you'll regret it!) The M nib lays down a very wet line, and it hardly ever skips. Keep in mind , it writes very wet, so I wouldn't recommend using it on light paper because it'll probably bleed trough it!

I did have one problem with the nib, it gets loose after an extended period (I'm talking about a few months of use) though it is possible to repair, and it is actually quite easy!

It is a pretty large pen, being almost 14.5 centimetres/ 6 Inches when capped. And because of the solid Titanium build, it is quite heavy as well. You can post the cap, but it would become too long and also way too heavy!

In general, I don't think the design of this pen is the most beautiful I've ever seen, the body is ribbed in the length of the pen, and the grip section is ribbed in the opposite direction (horizontally), whereas the cap is totally flush. My guess is: they wanted to make it ressemble an ancient Greek column. Decide for yourself wether you like it or not! The build quality is pristine though.

I do find the clip pretty amazing though, it sits flush in the cap, and when you push the top, it extends a few millimetres, ready to clip on your shirt!

I'm not going to talk about the retail price of this pen, because it has been out of production for quite a few years now. But if you do come across one somehow you should expect to pay at least 150 Euros/ 200+ USDollars!

The ink I used for the written review is Visconti black.


  1. I owe one and I dropped tip down I need help repairing it ?? where could be the best way to send it

    regarsd Arfilio

  2. Snd it to Lamy, all their pens have a lifetime guarantee.