As a pen collector, I often find myself hoarding pens without ever really using them. So I decided it would be better to part with some of them. I treated these pens very well, but I think they will be better off in a home where they are put to good use. After all, that's what they are made for, right?

Prices excl. shipping. All general terms and conditions, and shipping info, are listed at the bottom of this page. But if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me!

You can get in touch via EMAIL for more information.

  • Lamy Safari Blue/black clip (NOS discontinued version) (M nib)   |    $ 45

Never used, mint condition

  • Lamy Safari Yellow/black clip (NOS discontinued version) (M nib)   |    $45

 Never used, mint condition

  • Lamy Safari Aquamarine (NOS, 2011 special edition) (M nib)      |      $60

Never used, mint condition
  • Staedtler Initium Corium Simplex fountain pen (M nib)    |     $115
 mint condition
  • Cross Ion gel pen (discontinued)      |     $19
 light use marks
  • Kaweco Student demonstrator fountain pen (M nib)     |    $25   SOLD!
 mint condition
  • Tombow Havanna 100th anniversary (LE) pencil (discontinued)   |  40$
 mint condition

Terms and conditions:

  1. SHIPPING COST (with tracking code): BENELUX: 7.5$, Rest of EU: 15$, USA: 15$, rest of world: 15-35$ depending on location. A tracking code is provided, but please note that I cannot be held accountable for lost or damaged packages!
  2. Photos are of the pens in their current condition. If indicated 'Mint condition', they are new or as good as new. Damage or imperfections - if applicable - are described and documented with photos.
  3. All fountain pens are in fully working condition, writing samples can be requested. Ballpoint pens and rollerballs are sold as is, the refill might be used. 
  4. Payment only through Paypal 'Friends and family' ('goods and services' at 3% added total cost).
  5. Feel free to contact me (via email or on social media) if you have any questions!