Friday, October 6, 2017


I have the pleasure of living (somewhat) near a lot of really nice brick and mortar pen shows. Despite being dangerous for your wallet, it is nice to be able to pay them a visit, especially when they just moved to a new location, like La Couronne Du Comte!
Only recently, La Couronne Du Comte, not an unfamiliar name to many of you I suppose, changed from their old location -which was a nice, but terribly small store in Tilburg (the Netherlands)- to their brand new store in a stately old building just down the road. 
So they didn't really move much in terms of location, but it did mean a huge improvement for the store itself. Most importantly: it's not cramped anymore! The old store was long and narrow, and packed to the brim with pens and stationery. This meant having to shuffle around and trying to squeeze past other customers. While it had its charm, it definitely wasn't practical. Since LCDC is also quite well-represented on the online market, the small location also had to house stock for their online sales, so it wasn't practical for the staff either. 
The new place... well it definitely improves on the comfort. It's spacier and there is more open space, allowing for more comfortable browsing. I also think it's generally a nicer store. The layout is better, the interior is more stylish, and there is a lot more light. I talked to Dennis while I was there, and he mentioned that the building also offers a much better space for their team to fulfill orders and organise the stock. Everybody happy!
I think Dennis, Rik and their team did a fantastic job on the new store. Of course any pen store will do as long as it's packed with pretty pens, but the complete experience of shopping for pens definitely improves when the store is comfortable and nicely decorated! If you're in the area, this is definitely a must-visit.
Note: La Couronne Du Comte is a sponsor of this blog. I was in no way solicited or influenced in the making of this post. This post does not contain affilate links.