Friday, August 21, 2015


I have quite a soft spot for dark green inks. So when I was shopping around for inks at La Couronne Du Comte, I couldn't resist picking up a bottle of green ink. As It was the first time I actually got around to buying Diamine inks, I decided to go with Diamine Evergreen to satisfy my need for more green ink!
And that choice turned out to be an excellent one! It's funny how, even if you own over sixty different inks already, new purchases never look like something you already own. I honestly had my doubts about getting this particular color, as I thought it would be an exact replica of Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-Matsu, which turned out not to be the case. (I didn't picture the Tokiwa-Matsu swab below, but it is a bit lighter, which makes the shading a bit more prominent, and it has sheen which evergreen hasn't)
Evergreen is a fairly subdued dark green. I guess it could be categorized as 'Green-Black', as it's quite a lot darker than what would qualify as a 'normal' dark greens (Kaweco Palm Green for example, as seen above, apears much lighter compared to evergreen). On the other hand, it isn't washed out like J.Herbin Vert Empire (Even though I really do enjoy that one!). Diamine Evergreen makes for a nice intermediate: dark enough for daily use, but still with a splash of color to it. 
Properties of the ink are good. It's not an overly wet ink, but performance doesn't suffer from that at all. It's well-behaved ink, and didn't cause any problems with flow so far. There's definitely some shading present, but it's not over the top. I've had a few troublesome experiences with green inks that didn't behave well at all. This one however, doesn't seem to have a tendency to bleed or feather, at least not on decent paper.
Diamine inks normally com in 80ml bottles, at a pretty fair price of 8 EUR/ 14 USD. At that price point, it's one of the cheaper inks around (price/ml ratio is excellent), but it's also one of the better ones I've used lately!

Note: La Couronne Du Comte Supports this blog. I received a discount on this purchase, so I could write this review. I was in no way influenced in the making of this review, the opinions shared here are completely my own! This review does not contain any affilate links.

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