Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kaweco Special Chrome Mechanical Pencil

A few months ago, I reviewed the Kaweco Special 2mm leadholder in black, which was a fun pencil, though it had a few flaws that deteriorated from the overall experience... 
Now, a few months later, I have almost the same pencil in my hands. ALMOST! With the only two differences: it's glossy silver instead of matte black. And it being a 0.9mm mechanical pencil instead of a 2.0mm leadholder! This'll be a quick review, mainly focused on the things that changed since the previous review!

First of all: this does NOT look or feel like the Special leadholder I reviewed before! It's almost as it if it were a completely different pencil! The glossy silver build is the complete opposite of the, rather understated, matte black version.
It has it's own appeal, though I'd rather use a pencil that doesn't blind people when it catches the light! I'm sure some people will love the material, but I'm not one of them. I did however, really like the feel of the glossy finish in the hand. I was a bit worried that it would get slippery really fast, but it turned out that that was not the case! I can't explain why it didn't feel slippery though, especially because there's no grip secton to provide some form of grippyness.

Anyway, enough about the looks, let's talk about the things that changed since the previous review...
First of all, they installed a rubber o-ring to the pushbutton. 
Secondly, a brass ring was added inside the barrel. These two modifications seem to solve one of the biggest gripes I had with the leadholder: the rattling noise! I'm not 100 percent sure wether or not they added these changes to all the different versions of this pencil, but they definitely should have! 

The advance mechanism feels and operates very smoothly, with the only plastic part being the inner lead sleeve. Operating the mechanism gives a satisfying 'click' sound.

The included leads are smooth, I'm guessing a bit softer than HB. The leads are a good choice for the thicker 0.9mm, as they are perfect for writing and doodling!

Since they have taken care of the annoying rattling noise, this pencil is a solid choice. And for 35 Euros/ 45 USDollars this is a great deal!

Note: this pen was sent to me by Kaweco, free of charge, so I could write this review.  I was in no way influenced in the making of this review, the opinions shared in this review are completely my own!

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