Monday, October 27, 2014

Inktastic: Kaweco Summer purple

This might very well be my favourite Kaweco ink! I don't have many purple inks to compare it to, but that's fine, I just need this one from now on!

As usual, the kaweco inks come in a simple ink bottle. There's really not much to say about it, I'd have preferred a slightly fancier bottle, especially given the price of this ink. But on the other hand, the classic design does fit the 'retro-ish' theme of the kaweco brand!

Anyway, let's talk about the important stuff...

Kaweco Summer purple is a gorgeous ink, I really like the saturated, dark purple colour. It changes from violet to some sort of dark aubergine when it dries. I only have one other purple ink to compare it to, which is Visconti Purple. Compared to the Visconti ink, this one is a LOT darker.  It has decent shading, with a noticeable difference between darker and lighter strokes.

The properties of this ink are quite basic, it performs well, but not outstanding. The flow is good enough to prevent skipping, but it can't exactly be called a wet ink. Of all inks I've used, this is definitely one of the more water-resistant inks out there. I wouldn't suggest writing in the rain though...

14 Euros / 17.50 USD for a small bottle (30ml) like this can't exactly be called cheap, but if there's one ink from kaweco I think you should try, it's definitely this one!

Note: this ink was sent to me by Kaweco, free of charge, so I could write this review.  I was in no way influenced in the making of this review, nor was I monetarily compensated. The opinions shared in this review are completely my own!

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