Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exciting News!

Ok this deserves some attention! Most of you are probably familiar with Karas Kustoms and their awesome products. And I too have been following them for quite a while, amazed by the great products they release....

But to this date, I never took the leap to participate in one of their kickstarter projects. That is, until now of course! Yes they finally did it, a Karas Kustoms fountain pen is born: INK! And oh man, it looks great! (For the rollerball fans out there, it's also available as a rollerball pen!)

I will definitely get one, and probably, if you check out their Kickstarter page, you will want one as well!

If you never heard of Karas Kustoms before, you might also want to check out their website here, they make awesome pens, spin tops, iphone cases, and much more!

Images: courtesy of Karas Kustoms, no copyright infringement intended.

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  1. Your all ink pens are caught my attention.Really fantastic !!