Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tombow 'object' fountain pen

Last saturday, I made a review about the Diplomat Esteem, which is a great pen, but it didn't get enough attention from me. Now, this review is about a pen that unfortunately has the same issue: The tombow Object!
It's really weird why I never really cared about this pen, because it really is quite a nice pen! The all-aluminum pen has a nice annodized silver finish, with a black glossy clip and a black annodized grip section. It's a decently sized pen, a bit taller than the Kaweco Allrounder, or about the same length as a Lamy Nexx, but it is slightly thinner than these two pens.

The only real problem that I experienced when writing the review about this pen, is the odd shape of the grip section! I don't really like it, holding the pen seems awkward in most ways. And I had trouble finding a comfortable position to hold it, and my hand would often feel cramped after a few minutes of writing  (you can see the odd shape of the grip section in the picture above.)

But this is a great pen nevertheless, the reason for saying that: the nib! This Medium steel nib is as smooth as it can possibly get with steel nibs! It can easily compare with much more expensive steel nibbed-pens! It writes a very controlled, wet line. But keep in mind that, as it is a japanese pen, it tends to write a bit finer than most European Medium nibs! I also really like the design of the nib, very stylish and minimalistic, with only the brand name and the nib size engraved on it.

It's a real shame that the grip section isn't as great as the rest of the pen. I really like it for short notes and scribbles, but it just isn't comfortable enough to use for a longer period of time! But maybe other people like it better than I do! Maybe write a comment if you have a different opinion about this pen, I woud love to hear what you think about it!

But if you just want a good writer with a stylish look, and you don't really tend to write long letters, than I would definitely encourage you to try it out, especially because it can be picked up rather cheap! The retail value is around 40-50 Euros/ 60-70 USDollars, but I found mine in a pen store for only 25 Euros/ 35 USDollars, and I'm pretty sure that you can easily find it for something in between those two prices!

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