Saturday, October 12, 2013

Diplomat Esteem fountain pen

This Diplomat is one of those pens that I use a lot without realizing how great it really is! I've had it for quite a few years, and somehow it always got back onto my desk, inked up and ready to go! I really like this pen. And I have some good reasons for that...

(Diplomat is a brand you don't often hear about, even though it has been around since 1922! Considering it's age, it isn't a very big brand, with only three major product lines. One of those is the Esteem line, or better said, WAS the Esteem line, I'm pretty sure they are now called 'Traveller' (Though the design might not be completely the same as the Esteem!))

I was wrong! The Esteem collection still exists, but they now also have another, slimmed down version, somewhat similar to this one, called the Traveller! AND they recently introduced a new pen called: AERO. Together with the older models, they now have six different product lines, not three like I said earlier! 
Sorry for the wrong information above!

The design is both very basic and at the same time different than any other pen. The clip has the shape of a raindrop (or flower petal), and the beautiful logo on top of the cap has a Montblanc-like feeling. The quality on this pen is quite amazing considering it's relatively cheap price of 40 Euros/ about 50 USDollars. The only flaw I could find is the plastic grip section, the whole piece is made out of one piece of plastic, and there are some seams visible on that particular piece. The rest of the pen is just perfect for me, all metal, so it has a decent weight. It has a nice size, for me, it is the ideal size when writing unposted, though the cap can be posted. And the matte black body in combination with the chrome trims, make it a very stylish, though modern-looking pen.

But the real selling point of Diplomat, are their nibs. It's an incredibly smooth and wet-writing nib, it writes a nice 'fat' Medium line, and it gives just the right  amount of feedback without losing its smoothness. And above all that, it also looks good, with their beautiful flower-logo engraved in it.

A very basic grip section, but look at that magnificent nib!

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