Sunday, August 11, 2013


A lot of blogs do a weekly roundup of cool blog posts from other blogs. And I have been linked to a lot of times already, which obviously helps me out a lot. So I guess I'll be doing my own link post every now and then, called: L-INK! (You get it Link, ink! Ha, you know...)

Awesome Blogs:

-DIY pen storage:  Edjelley

-Simbalion supreme quality pencil 88:   Bleistift

-Omas Honk Kong red fountain pen ink:  Gourmetpens

-Pilot Hi-tec C maica pens:  Officesupplygeek

-Kaweco Classic sport fountain pen:  On fountain pens

-Palomino Blackwing Pearl:  Pencil Revolution

- Franklin-Christoph inks: The well apointed desk

-SPOKE design mechanical pencil:  Pen and design

-Pilot prera, calligraphy nib:  Penaddict

Awesome Brands:



-Field Notes 


  1. these blogs are sheer inspiration. I love them all!

    Oh, and yours of course ;)

    1. Yeah, they're my inspiration as well! Thanks Hanna!!!