Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kaweco AL sport RAW fountain pen

The second Kaweco pen that I got to review, is the ALsport RAW fountain pen. Basically it is the same ALsport pen, but instead of being annodized, they polish them to a mirror finish! And it looks magnificent! BUT...

But I have to say this: Yes, they are highly polished, but that makes them easy to scratch as well! Actually, they are already scratched out of the box. But this is kind of how it is supposed to be. Depending on how you use it, they will get heavilly scratched and they will become totally unique!

Another thing I want to mention: The lighting wasn't ideal when I took the pictures. So I had to edit them quite a bit to make them reasonably good. (I do think the darker picture above is pretty awesome, even if I say so myself!)

I personally like the way this pen looks, but I know that there are a lot of people that don't like scratched pens, so you should consider this when you want to buy one! I think it is an awesome concept, even though I don't like scratched pens in general, but this is something totally different! It looks beautiful in the sunlight, and it will definitely get some attention! (The pictures don't show the shiny surface of the pen perfectly, it's really like a mirror!)

Again, it is basically the same Kaweco ALsport as in my other reviews, it looks and feels more or less the same, but somehow they still managed to make it just that little bit different! The high polish Aluminum feels very 'soft' in the hand, it seems to be heavier than the ALstar, even though it isn't. And even though the polished surface is a bit slippery, it grips securely because of the concave-shaped grip section, which I love so much!

Of course they also use the same, high-quality Bock-Heidelbergh nib and feed, so I have nothing but good words about the way this thing writes! I never had any trouble with it, it always starts immediately, it doesn't skip, and it lays down a nice, wet line!

So, I know this was quite a short review, but I feel like I already said a lot of things about this pen in the previous reviews about the Al Sport pens, which are basically the same pens, The only real difference is the way they designed the looks of this pen. But in general, if you like the normal ALsport pens, you'll like this one as well! The price of the RAW version is also the same as the other AL sport pens, which would be around 55 Euros/  75 USDollars. 

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