Tuesday, March 22, 2022


A short update on the pen sale: 

I've updated the sale page to reflect the pens that are currently still available. PRICES HAVE BEEN LOWERED to sell. I think they represent a great value, especially since all these pens are in absolute 'Mint' condition (that is: you'll find no difference between a brand new pen)! 

For those that are interested, here are some PACKAGE DEALS to make the deal even better: Buy the Visconti and Leonardo (pens #1-2) for 600€ instead of 650€ (retail value of 1015€!). Buy the 3 remaining pens on the second tray (pens #4-6) for 200€ instead of 235€.

Prices are listed in euro, shipping not included. Send me a message so I can look up the exact shipping cost for you. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me via EMAIL!

1) Visconti Homo Sapiens Color Sandstorm fountain pen (MINT): B 14k nib. Writes beautifully! The 'Color' model has a very practical magnetic cap, unlike the other HS models. Power-filler mechanism. 475€
2) Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel F nib. Gold trims. 175€
3) [SOLD] Penlux Masterpiece Grande Koi Blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. 115€
4) Otto Hutt Design 06 black lacquer (MINT): Fine steel nib. 95€
5) Esterbrook JR Denim Blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. 95€
6) Platinum Procyon yellow fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. A very smooth writer. 45€
7) [SOLD] Wancher 7 Treasures Shippoyaki red fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. A very interesting and very large pen, made out of unusual bakelite plastic! 145€

General info:

  1. SHIPPING COST (with tracking code): Belgium: 10€, EU: 10-25€, Outside the EU: 40-60€ contact me for shipping quotes and options! Packages are always shipped in sturdy, well-padded boxes, and only with tracked shipment options. However, please note that I cannot be held accountable for lost or damaged packages.
  2. CONDITION: Photos are of the pens in their current condition. All fountain pens are in fully working condition, writing samples can be requested. Ballpoint pens and rollerballs are sold as-is, the refill might be used. All pens come with complete packaging (including ink bottle if they come with one in the box!) Feel free to ask for more (specific) photos or information on the condition of the pen. Condition indications:
    • 'New in Box' - Never used or inked, except for taking photos of it.
    • 'Mint' - As good as new, typically only inked once or twice for a review.
    • 'Good' - Used but no signs of wear, besides perhaps some light micro scratches.
    • 'User grade' - These pens were used more heavily. Fully functional, but has some noticeable aesthetic flaws.
          1. PAYMENT: Payment in Euro (including conversion costs if applicable), only through Paypal 'Friends and family' ('goods and services' at 3% added total cost).
          2. CONTACT: Feel free to contact me (preferably via email at pencilcaseblog[at]gmail[dot]com, but also possible on social media) if you have any questions!

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