Monday, February 28, 2022


The days are getting longer. Frost and darkness are starting to make place for the first rays of sunshine as spring closes in. 

And I? Well, I've been a bit absent on here (as you may have noticed!). I've started the new year by rethinking some priorities. While I'm certainly not giving up on pens, nor this website, I do feel like I want to explore a bit and put more time into other hobbies, such as photography. That's why I'm clearing out a bunch of pens to fund other projects (more pens will be added to the sale page in the future, so make sure to check back regularly!). There's a full dedicated sale page that you can find through the header at the top of this page. Full details on shipping etc. are all on there. 

So what's up for grabs?

1) Visconti Homo Sapiens Color Sandstorm fountain pen (MINT): B 14k nib. Writes beautifully! The 'Color' model has a very practical magnetic cap, unlike the other HS models. Power-filler filling mechanism. 475€
2) [SOLD] Pelikan M800 Stone Garden (2018 Special Edition) fountain pen (MINT): EF 18k nib (contact me for possible other nib sizes I have available). Special edition colorway from 2018. 450€
3) [SOLD] Montegrappa Zero Caramel (US exclusive) fountain pen (GOOD): Steel M nib, very slight discoloration of the gold-plated trims, otherwise excellent. 290€
4) Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Pura blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel F nib (Contact me for different nib sizes available). Gold trims. 175€
5) [SOLD] Delta The Journal fountain pen (MINT): Delta 'Fusion' (steel with gold insert on top) stub 1.5mm nib. From back when Delta was still a thing. Interesting pen with an even more interesting Fusion nib. Fun fact: this pen is the spiritual successor to the current Leonardo Momento Zero! 175€ 
6) Penlux Masterpiece Grande Koi Blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. 115€
7) Otto Hutt Design 06 black lacquer (MINT): Fine steel nib. 95€
8) Esterbrook JR Denim Blue fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. 95€
9) [SOLD] Maiora Impronte Matte fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. 125€
10) [SOLD] Wancher 7 Treasures Shippoyaki red fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. A very interesting and very large pen, made out of unusual bakelite plastic! 145€
11) [SOLD] Osprey Milano Black ebonite fountain pen (USER GRADE): Steel M Bock nib. Black ebonite pen. The polished finish showed some scuffing marks from the factory, hence listed as user grade, but otherwise excellent condition. 40€
12) Platinum Procyon yellow fountain pen (MINT): Steel M nib. A very smooth writer. 45€
13) [SOLD] Wancher Primo blue fountain pen (USER GRADE): Steel F nib ('blue' coated to match the pen). Very slight discoloration of the anodized titanium finish in some areas, hence why it's listed as user grade. Otherwise excellent condition. 130€

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