Thursday, June 21, 2018


5 years ago... (5th anniversary of The Pencilcase Blog!)
...while reading through reviews of The Pen Addict, I thought: "Heck, I can do this too!" On a whim, I pieced together a so-so blog design, chose this terrible and rather irrelevant name (I have surprisingly few reviews of pencils, nor pencil cases), took some crappy pictures with my smartphone (smartphone cameras were definitely not what they are now!), and wrote my first review.

Fast forward a bit and here we are: today marks the 5th anniversary of The Pencilcase Blog! I've been blogging about pens for almost a quarter of my entire life now. That really does sound as insane as it is. I get funny faces when I tell people (non-penaddicts, that is) I write a blog about pens. On top of that, they usually get confused and think I write a blog about pants, which makes the situation even weirder (it must be my accent or bad pronunciation of the word pens).

Anway, I never really thought it would become such a big deal when I started, but almost 360 posts later you could say it has gotten a bit out of hand. So many things changed because of this silly little website: I met new people, made friends for life, got opportunities to see places and review unique products... It's incredible really. I'm infinitely thankful for all of it, and I hope I can contribute my part to this wonderful community for many more years to come!

This is also a good time to thank some people for supporting me from the get go, some of which I had the pleasure to meet in real life and became good friends over the years: Azizah (Gourmetpens), Stephen (SBRE Brown), Ed (Edjelley), Matthias (Bleistift), Mike (The Clicky Post), Brad (The Pen Addict), and I'm probably still forgetting a couple. Thank you guys! 

And because no blog birthday is complete without celebration, expect to see not one, not two, but five (!) GIVEAWAYS coming up really soon! I'll also be doing a Q&A post later on (you can send in any questions you have for me through comments, via email or on Twitter or Instagram)

I honestly don't know what else to say, other than thank you. 

PS: I have to send some love to my five wonderful sponsors as well! These five pen shops are all amazing, and they have stuck by my side for a good part of this blogging adventure. Give them some love if you want, and don't forget the discount codes! 
Appelboom ad La Couronne Du Comte adCasa Della Stilografica ad
Penworld adScrittura Elegante ad
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