Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Touchdown! Summer giveaway #6  has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated! Also, big thanks to the kind people over at La Couronne du Comte, who sponsored this giveaway! 
We received 60 entries, and the winning photo, as chosen by, belongs to: 

Photo #35, which came from @tgoodp! 

Congratulations Terrence! We'll get in touch, and send the prize out right away!

I'd like to conclude the Summer Giveaways (Yes, unfortunately all good things come to an end at some point) with a big thank you to my amazing sponsors that supported this giveaway, but also this site and the content on it! Also: THANK YOU dear reader, as well, for reading, for commenting, for participating. After all, this blog wouldn't mean a thing without you. If I've learned one thing from the three years of blogging, it's that this community goes much further than just collecting pens, it's about the amazing people behind those pens!

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