Sunday, April 10, 2016

L-INK #11 (10-04-2016)


When Grail pens become grail sets: collecting the impossible - The Clicky Post

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen review - Edjelley

Cologne pen show 2016 recap - Gourmetpens

Pilot Decimo: Quick look - Goulet Pens Blog

Pelikan Souverän M800 Grand Place (LE) review - The Pelikan's Perch

Faber-Castell Ambition Blue Ocean OpArt Fountain pen review - The Penaddict

Baron Fig Squire pen review - The Well-Appointed Desk

Journal and bookbinding impressions - These Beautiful Pens

Namiki Yukari Royale Vermillion fountain pen review - The Unroyal Warrant


Behold! A new feature in the L-INK posts, where I'll share some of the most popular pics that can be found on the Pencilcase Blog's Instagram page... Because there can never be enough pictures of pens! 

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