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Pilot Vpen fountain pen review
I've been putting off these 'inexpensive' reviews way too long. I know there are a lot of people that aren't big on expensive pens, so I'm sorry for keeping those of you waiting for so long! To be honest, I actually forgot about this series of reviews (stupid, I know), with all things going on right now it's becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the blog.

That being said, let's talk pens, cheap pens! 
Pilot Vpen fountain pen review erasability test
I like fountain pens, that much is pretty obvious, but I never ventured into the world of disposable fountain pens. Why would I really? I don't mind spending money on nice pens, so why would I deliberately buy not-so-nice pens? I didn't see the point of it. 

A while ago, I came across these Pilot Vpens though, and I decided it was time to try one out. At 5 EUR, I didn't have to convince my parents that it would be money well-spent (Actually they've already come to the point where they know that their opinion doesn't matter if I want a pen. Smart parents!). 

Back home, I immediately popped the cap and grabbed a piece of paper, the result was quite unexpected. A slight grin appeared on my face, it wrote, and how! Not only did it start of straight away, with a nice flow. It was also much smoother than expected! The Pilot Vpen is probably the smoothest pen you can get for the money, I don't think you're able to get better quality for the price! As long as I've had it, it never skipped or hesitated. 
Pilot Vpen fountain pen review fading ink
The ink fades in a pretty weird way, leaving a faint blue halo around the letters
Other than the pretty great writing experience, there's also the fact that it has erasable ink. Something I've never seen for a black ink. It's easy to be able to erase it with an ink remover pen. On the other hand, the ink is not as 'stable' as regular black ink, and definitely not as permanent as, well, a permanent ink. After a while, the ink starts to fade (only slightly though) and leaves a faint blue-green halo around the letters. I wouldn't recommend using this pen to sign important documents! 

As far as looks go, I don't have much to say about it. It's a cheap pen, and Pilot clearly chose function over form. The all-plastic build feels, well, plasticky. And the clip feels like it can snap off every moment. The graphic printed on the barrel is relatively ok though, it's simple, modern and unobtrusive.

Price, as I said, is about 5 EUR. I haven't found them on any american website though, so I don't know if this erasable version is also available in the US.
Pilot Vpen fountain pen written review

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