Sunday, March 29, 2015

L-INK #8 (29-03-2015)

Pilot M90 Fountain pen - Clicky Post

Pilot S20 Mechanical pencil - Bleistift

Baron Fig Confidant Notebook - Edjelley

Kaweco ART Sport  Fountain pen - A Fool With a Pen

Retro 51 Black Fade to Silver Tornado - From the Pen Cup

Noodlers Habanero Ink - GourmetPens

Edison Nouveau Premiere Spring Edition Lilac - Gouletpens

United P2 pocket pen - No Pen Intended

Pelikan Souverän M805 Stresemann - OfficeSupplyGeek

Pilot Capless Wood fountain pens - On Fountain Pens

Pelikan M200 Silver Pearl - Pelikan's Perch

The Mechanical Pencil to last a Lifetime - Pencil Revolution

Noodlers Air Corp Blue Black - PenInkCillin

J.Herbin Rouge Hematite Ink - Pens! Paper! Pencils!

Sheaffer Prelude Fountain pen  - Pen Paper Ink Letter

Mitshubishi Hi-Uni Pencil - The Finer Point

Kaweco Royal Blue Ink  - The Penaddict

Il Papiro Marbleized Notebook - The Unroyal Warrant

Baron Fig Apprentice Time Travel Notebook - The Well-Appointed Desk

Graf Von Faber Castell Cobalt blue Ink - Write To Me Often

Caran D'Ache 100th Anniversary - Cultpens Blog 

Penworld Antwerp Blog (DUTCH)  - Penworld Antwerp Shop (ENG) (Affiliated)


  1. Thanks for the link! Habanero vs. Apache Sunset, that seems to be the ultimate question with this one lol

    1. Haha, I should really get my hands on some of these Noodlers inks, could you believe I have never tried any before!?

  2. Also from me, thanks for the link!