Friday, December 26, 2014

Pelikan Souverän M1000

Onto the flagship of the Pelikan Souverän pens. The M1000 is - just like the Montblanc 149 - the most iconic and most 'collectible' pen from Pelikan's production line;

The M1000 is a pen of epic proportions...literally! It's a beastly pen, even my M805, not particularly a small pen, looks like a toy when compared to this. I've given a few people the opportunity to try out this pen, and most of them preferred a more manageable pen, such as the M600. So we're defnitely not talking about an EDC pen that's suited for everyday use. But for all the collectors out there, the people that like oversized pens, this is THE pen.

I quite like the size though, unposted it's actually quite manageable. It's really bulky, but lengthwise it isn't over the top. And the weight of the pen is actually pretty well-balanced. Try to post it though, and it gets pretty ridiculous. Not only too long for most people, but also a bit more back-heavy. 

The design's obviously still the same as with the other Souveräns, but in proportion to its size. It's a gorgeous pen, and the size only makes it stand out even more; The green striations are something you either love or hate. I personally really like it just because it's a well-known classic design. For those that are not into green, there's also a completely black with gold trims available in the M1000 size.

I didn't really specifically mention it before (Because I guess most people will already know!), but all Souverän pens are piston fillers. The mechanism on them is buttery smooth (regardless of which model you're using!). As with the M800, this one has a metal piston mechanism, which is obviously sturdy, but it also gives the pen some more heft. A benefit of having a huge pen with a piston mechanism is that it holds a lot of ink (which is good, because it has to feed a huge nib!).

Huge pen, huge nib, And man...It looks good! Because it's such a large nib, they added a bit more detail to the engraving, which makes it look even better than the other souverän nibs.

But it doesn't end there! It doesn't only look good, it also performs good, great even. Due to its massive size, it has semi-flex, or soft properties. So basically you take the already smooth and responsive M600 nib, stretch it out and make it even more springy, the recipe for a great writing experience. Look at the written review, and you'll see there's actually a nice amount of line variation that can be had. The nib does encounter an occasional hard start, which is a pretty common problem with extremely smooth nibs.

It's a real gusher, which is good for flex writing, but it also means the ink dries really slowly. It did make for a pretty skip-free writing experience though. The line width is also slightly affected by the generous flow, it's a bit wider than the other Medium Pelikan nibs I tried. Overall, it's a great writer. Maybe not one I'd use on a daily basis, but it's definitely suited for those special occasions that requires a special pen. once you get past the initial hard start, it litterally glides across the paper!

Big pen, big price tag. But that's the only real drawback I could think of. At a full retail price of about 600 EUR / 750 USD, this is definitely NOT a cheap pen (they can be found for around 450 EUR, though that's still quite a lot, isn't it?). Is it worth the money though? Check out my comparison between the M600, M800 and M1000, where I'll discuss which pen is suited for you!

Note: this pen was lent to me by Pelikan, so I could write this review.  I was in no way influenced in the making of this review, the opinions shared in this review are completely my own!

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