Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tilburg Pen Show 2014

Here's just a quick recap with some photos of this year's Tilburg Pen Show in the Netherlands. I had a great time, met some amazing people, and emptied my wallet (with ease)!

I wasn't kidding when I said my wallet was empty afterwards!
I bought a few pens, including the Delta Journal pictured above and a Kaweco sketchUp Acrylic leadholder. I also traded a pen for a matte black Kaweco Allrounder. Something I couldn't include in the pictures is my first ever Esterbrook. Some parts had to be replaced, so it's currently with a Belgian Pen repairer (Penmeister?). Some people might know him by the name 'Fountainbel', that's right, the designer of the Conid pens! Oh! And I almost forgot to mention the limited edition P.W. Akkerman ink Frank from Fontoplumo gave me! Thanks Frank!

Tilburg isn't a huge show, however the location is pretty cool (In the middle of the Tilburg Museum for Natural History!) And it's filled to the brim with pen addicts like us! I met a lot of cool people: retailers like Fontoplumo, La Couronne Du Comte, even our very own Belgian pen brand, Conid! And this year was even more special, because I had the chance to meet Azizah (from Gourmetpens) AND Stephen Brown (from SBRE Brown)!

La Couronne Du Comte's table, as jaw-dropping as always!

Werner from Conid demonstrating their awesome filling mechanism!
A Conid Bulkfiller

The Marlen Distributors! (notice the person on the right who conveniently hid underneath his magnifying glasses!)

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