Thursday, September 4, 2014

Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth 5312 Leadholder

Some people might think I'm crazy for collecting leadholders without ever using them for sketching or drawing, but I just can't get enough of them! I love to use them for writing, and there's something special about them that always gets me into buying another one... Like this one, the Koh-I-Noor 5312 5.6mm leadholder!

One of the reasons I like them so much, is the fact that they are always solid, almost bombproof, pieces of equipment. Like most other leadholders in my collection, the 5312 is completely made out of metal, which gives it its solidity and satisfying weight.

The 5312 is a compact leadholder, measuring in at approximately 12 cm/ a bit under 5 Inches, which is a bit shorther than most normal sized fountain pens when unposted, or a Kaweco Sport FP when posted. But even with it's modest length, it's still very comfortable to hold. For actual sketching or drawing, the size shouldn't be a problem, regardless of what size your hands are. However, as a writing tool, it might be a bit short for some.

The design of this pencil is definitely something different, it looks much more complicated than the other Koh-I-Noor leadholders I own. I think it's best described as an industrial design with a bit of a retro feeling to it. The barrel of the pencil has a very special shape, with three 'grooves' running along the length of the barrel, which -apart from looking cool- make it more comfortable to hold.

It also has a clip, which is quite unique for this type of leadholder. The clip looks really cool, with a big nut that clamps it down! It's quite a tough clip, and it isn't always as easy to attach it to something, but it's certainly better than nothing, and it adds to the overall portability! 

As with most Koh-I-Noor (and other brands) leadholders, there's an 'emergency' sharpener hidden inside the pushbutton. It doesn't have a knurled section, and it's quite stubby, which makes it surprisingly difficult to grip and unscrew it, but once you get it out, it does the job quite well.

As usual, I immediately swapped out the leads for a 2B, which is the hardest available in this size, thus the best option for writing if you ask me. During the writing of this review, I noticed that the matte barrel feels a bit slippery, however the grooves and overall shape make up for that, providing an overall decent grip.

When you are a bit like me, and you buy leadholders solely for writing purposes, then I'd definitely recommend checking out this Koh-I-Noor 5312 leadholder (or the very similar 5311), it seems to be more focused on being a real writing tool instead of just another leadholder, and it just looks really cool!
The 5312 has a slightly higher price tag, at around 15 Euros/ 20 USD (approx.), which makes it a bit less of an impulse buy, but it's still a good deal if you ask me!

If you want one, I'd suggest checking out This online shop. They have a huge range of Koh-I-Noor items and ship worldwide!

Note: this pencil was sent to me by K&K Trading s.r.o., free of charge, so I could write this review.  I was in no way influenced in the making of this review, nor was I monetarily compensated. The opinions shared in this review are completely my own!.

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