Wednesday, September 17, 2014

inexPENsive - Uni-ball Eye needlepoint pen

I'm not a huge fan of gel ink pens, nor am I an expert on them, so bare with me while I try to explain why I -quite unexpected - like this pen!

First of all, it writes! Really, if you're me, that's allready quite an achievement! For some reason, this kind of pens never works longer than ten minutes in my hands. So yeah, it writes... really good actually! The flow is nice and consistent, the thick 1mm tip provides a lot of ink and it does so without skipping (phew!) The ink itself is nice and dark.

It's definitely not the prettiest of cheap pens, but the build quality is very good. The plastic is sturdy and the clip is easy to use. The barrel and top of the cap are colour coded, so it's easy to see which colour you're holding.

Another reason why I like this pen is the tip. It's a needlepoint design, which makes it easy to see what you are writing. I wouldn't recommend it for technical drawing though. The ink doesn't dry very fast so your technical plans could end up in a mess! It isn't the most precise tip either, the 1mm width is quite unusual for a needlepoint. If you're into very fine writers, this one won't be your cup of tea!

As a daily writer however, this pen is a very good choice. It writes nice and smooth, and it's quite a comfortable pen to hold!

Price: 2,5 Euros / 3 USDollars or less!

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