Friday, July 18, 2014

Staedtler Noris Stylus Pencil

The staedtler Noris is quite a well-known pencil that has been around for a substantial time, but as with all analog writing tools, this piece of pencil goodness gets replaced by a stylus more often than not. So Staedtler found a simple yet brilliant solution to combine both and to keep the pencil tradition alive: the Staedtler Noris Stylus. 

The name says it all really, it's a triangular chunky Noris pencil with a stylus tip!

Buying one was quite a dilemma though: It's relatively expensive, especially when compared to the regular Noris pencils. But at the same time it seemed a bit too cheap to house a well-functioning stylus tip? It was only until I found one for sale in our local supermarket that I decided to give it a try!

So yeah, I was a bit sceptic at first, but so far I don't have any complaints about the stylus tip or the pencil in general. The stylus is soft and not sticky, it's narrower, and thus more precise than most other styli, and it seems to be quite responsive on most devices (although it appeared to be working better on my android phone than on my ipad!)

The pencil itself -being a Staedtler Noris- is quite great! The thick triangular shape is easy to hold (mostly intended as a learning pencil for children) and the matte lacquered body feels very smooth. The thick 3mm lead is smooth too, and it lays down a relatively dark line, especially when compared to other #2/HB pencils. I also found out that it requires very little sharpening, as you can see below, the complete written review was written without sharpening once! All things considered, this is a great pencil for kids, but I quite like it too!

Another nifty feature is the fact that Staedtler created an app to go with the pencil that helps children to learn how to write! A QR code is printed on the back of the packaging, which can be scanned on both Android and Apple devices. I tried the app once, and it works well. There are a couple of different excercises, as well as games. I could imagine that this actually helps to learn how to write in a fun way.

The Staedtler Noris Stylus is available for around 4 Euros, or 5-6 USDollars.

So here it is, my first (woodcased) pencil review, I hope you enjoyed it, and if so I'll definitely do more reviews about pencils in the future!


  1. Nice Review! I might consider buying one, since I could use it for my tablet and need something to write in my room ;).

  2. I've never seen one before, but would buy it immediately!
    Can the stylus be removed, once the pencil is used up?

    1. I knew you would! :) I don't think the stylus can't be removed, at least not without breaking it!