Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Year Down, Many More To Come...

Unbelievably but true, this blog has had his first birthday! And I would like to thank YOU dear reader, for being awesome, for coming back every time I had a new post online, for writing fun, interesting, smart comments, but most importantly: for the endless support I've received from you guys!

I would also like to thank a few co-bloggers, especially Edjelley, Matthias from Bleistift, Brad from Thepenaddict, Mike from theClickyPost, Azizah from Gourmetpens, Anna from TheWellAppointedDesk, and of course a lot of other awesome people! Without the help of these awesome people, my blog wouldn't have grown to where it's at today!

And last but not least, thanks to all pen brands and shops that provided great products for me to review!

There are a few things I would like to show that I think would be interresting or funny...

First of all, here's how my blog changed throughout this one year:

(This perfectly illustrates how I almost never know what I want...)

Secondly, here is the top five of most read posts: (click on them if you haven't read them yet!)

  1.  Faber-Castell Emotion Pure Black fountain pen
  2. TWSBI Vac 700 fountain pen
  3. Kaweco Al-Sport RAW mechanical pencil
  4. Inexpensive: Pilot Sign Pen
  5. Rhodia Webnotebook 

And a small gift for you...

Last but not least, I have made a small 'gift', I made a few wallpapers of pen pictures I took last months. You can download them from this Flickr album. (Click on the picture, then click on the three dots in the right hand colmun and choose 'download/ all sizes')

Thanks again for being an awesome blog reader, and let's start another year of pen blogging!