Friday, February 28, 2014

TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain pen

Let me introduce you: The TWSBI Vac 700! This thing is magnificent! It's big (oversize-like), it's pretty, and the filling mechanism is incredibly cool!

It's a big and bulky pen, but once you remove the cap, the dimensions are just perfect! Not too long, not too short! Unlike some other TWSBI pens, the cap CAN be posted, though I definitely wouldn't recommend it, it's long enough without the cap!

I'm really surprised by the build quality of this pen. Of course it's plastic, but it's a decent kind of plastic, and it's solidly built, with a nearly perfect fit and finish (i haven't found any flaws yet!) It isn't very heavy,but it's still heavier than you'd expect from an almost completely plastic pen!

Another great thing about this (and any other TWSBI) pen, is that they include a tool and silicon grease with every pen, so you can completely dissasemble it, and do maintenance yourself! This is very useful if you want to thoroughly clean the pen, but it should be done with great care, as you might risk breaking some parts when you over-tighten them!

The clip has a very nice, rough, sandpaper-like, finish, which contrasts nicely with the polished chrome-plated parts on the rest of the pen. And the bright red logo on top of the cap is a real eye-catcher, that gives the pen some more character!

As the name of this pen suggests, it has a vacuum filling system. For those of you who don't know what that means, go to Pentorium's website, he explains the different filling systems, including Vacuum fillers! It's a very nice filling mechanism, and because it's a demonstrator pen, you can see the system in action when you're filling the pen, which is really cool!

The (German Quality)  #6 steel nib has a very well-balanced flow. It writes smooth, and it has a bit if springyness to it (though not at all flex!). The Medium width nib lays down a very nice, somewhat broad line.

The price is very reasonable, for as little as 65 USDollars (Or 65 Euros) You can get one of these! It's a great addition to any collection, especially because of the filling mechanism!


  1. Have you tried the noodler's version of this type of pen? I had one which started off out of book temperamental and only got worse from there.

    1. Noodler's doesn't have a vac pen. You're probably thinking of the Konrad (which is a piston-filler). They're notoriously finicky. The Vac 700 in a while different class.

    2. Yes, I was wrong it was a Piston pen. Thanks