Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sailor 1911 Large fountain pen

I don't own a Sailor myself (yet!), but my dad does, and I must say that after using it for a while, I have become a tad bit jealous! The 1911 Large from Sailor truly is a magnificent pen!

To illustrate the sheer beauty of this pen, I opted for less text and more photos, enjoy!

The looks of this pen are quite straightforward, both simple and elegant at the same time. The cigar shape of the pen is nothing new, as it is seen on a variety of classic pens, like the montblanc meisterstuck and 149. But it doesn't want to be refreshing or new, it just wants to look good, and it sure does! This one is the Rhodium trim version, which looks a bit more modern than the original gold trimmed model. I love the way the shiny silver colour contrast with the deep black resin, no doubt it is a gorgeous pen to look at.
Sailor succeeds at making incredibly detailed pens, the fit and finish is top-notch (which should be expected for a pen of this price), the clip has a subtle, but striking design, and the center band is engraved gorgeously, though it doesn't ruin the elegant and simple form factor of the pen.
It's a nicely balanced pen, that's very comfortable to hold. At 5.5 Inches (14cm), it's surprisingly long. Though because it's made of resin, it remains reasonably light (about 23-24 grams).

Normally I'm not a huge fan of writing posted, but with this one, I have to make an exception! It's so perfectly balanced when posted, it just feels right.
The large 21k nib is the main attribute of this pen, as great as the pen already is on the outside, it's the nib that distinguishes itself from the rest! Not only is this nib beautiful to look at, with it's amazingly detailed chasing. It also performs great.
The almost solid gold nib (24k is solid gold, so 21k is 90% pure gold) does it's job perfectly, the Japanese Medium size is quite fine for European standards, but it is still buttery smooth. It has a great, balanced flow, which makes skipping impossible.

Another thing I like about this nib, is the fact that the high concentration of gold (Gold is a soft metal) makes it a tiny bit springy, which is a incredibly pleasant to use. The nib isn't overpolished, which shows in the responsiveness, it never hesitates to write.
As you can see here, the grip section is made out of metal, making it a bit heavier in the front.
It retails for 300 USDollars/ 250 Euros, but if you plan on buying one, make sure to check some Japanese retailers, as they can be found much cheaper in the land of the rising sun!
Don't mind the spelling mistakes!

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