Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tilburg Pen show

I promised to upload some pictures of the pens that I got on the 25th Tilburg Pen Show (which is a small show in Holland) So I thought I'd make a very small post about it.

And here they are, I bought two TWSBI fountain pens (a Vac 700 and a mini ) and a kaweco sketch-up classic 5.6mm leadholder.

From left to right; TWSBI vac 700, TWSBI diamond mini, Kaweco sketch-up leadholder.

The kaweco sketch-up classic leadholder with an Acrylic barrel.

The lovely TWSBI Vac700, with an amazing filling mechanism.

Look at that beautiful logo on the cap!
If you ever come to Holland, I'd definitely suggest visiting Tilburg, it's a beautiful city with a lot of nice shops and amazing modern and classic architecture! Check out this informative article about Tilburg if you want to learn more about Tilburg.

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