Tuesday, September 24, 2013

L-INK #2 (24/09/2013)

- Sheaffer Taranis fountain pen - From the pen cup

- Levenger True Writer fountain pen - Gourmet pens

- Origins of the mechanical pencil - Bleistift

- Sailor Sapporo fountain pen - Edjelley

- Sailor Ultramarine ink and Kaweco converter - Inkophile

- Ohto Sharp pencil - Office supply geek

- Kaweco Classic Sport Fountain pen - On fountain pens

- KUM Tip-Top Pop pencil cap and sharpener - Pencil revolution

- Nemosine Singularity fountain pen - Well-Appointed desk

- Pentel P205 Carbon Pencil - The Pen Addict

- Penanddesign has moved:  new site - Penanddesign.com

You might have noticed that I don't post new reviews as often as before, but  school has started again a few weeks ago. And since I'm now in my final year of High school, I don't have as much spare time as I did before! I try very hard to write at least one review per week, I hope you all understand, and thanks again for reading my blog!


  1. great post, I love to discover new blogs ;)

    good luck in school! when are your finals?

  2. Thanks! exams are in december and june as usual! (Already looking forward to it :-(

    1. you'll make it! :) mine are in may and I'm already panic-stricken :/

    2. Thanks! You'll be fine, just try not to panic (and write with a nice pen of course! )