Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inktastic: LAMY turquoise ink

As with almost every ink I buy, I heard a lot of good things about it from other bloggers! And as I am a big fan of Lamy pens, I thought I'd give this ink a go!

And it definitely lived up to my expectations! It's hard to explain why though, but to me it just seems like it would be the ideal standard for a Turquoise ink. And I have a few good reasons to say that!

The first reason is the brilliant, yet stylish packaging: On the outside, a clean, simple cardboard box, nothing special. But inside the box, you'll find one of the most user-friendly ink bottles ever! It has a good (50ml/ 1.7 fl. oz) capacity, a filling reservoir that makes it possible to use every single drop of ink (or at least almost everything!) And last but not least: it has a blotting paper reservoir at the bottom of the bottle! So when you are done filling up the pen, you can clean off excess ink with a piece of blotting paper!

Obviously, the ink itself is also great, I especially like the colour. It's exactly the kind of turquoise I expected it to be! It's hard to explain what it looks like, but if you think of 'Turquoise', this ink is most likely going to be exactly the same shade of Turquoise you imagined! If you ask me, turquoise can either lean towards blue or green, and this ink would definitely go towards a light blue. It is not as light as it looks like in the writing sample though, in real life it is quite dark really. (I hope this makes some sense, I realised that it is very hard to describe a colour!)

The ink has very decent properties, it has a good flow, it dries fast. It has a bit of shading, though not very much.  And it also writes very smooth, almost as smooth as the Edelstein inks!

And surprisingly, it is also very cheap, at about 7 Euros/ 10 USDollars per bottle!

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