Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Worther Shorty 3.2mm leadholder

This little leadholder has impressed me quite a lot. It's just made out of plastic, but to a very high production standard, I think!

As I already said, the body and clip are made out of moulded plastic, but it doesn't show ANY seams at all, from a distance, one would even think it's made out of annodized aluminum! The name of the pencil fits it perfectly, it is very short! If you have large hands, unlike me, you might find it a little uncomfortable to use.

I only noticed a little imperfection in one of the jaws of the clutch mechanism. It is a little deformed, a piece of metal chipped away, probably something has hit it during production. But it's not a big deal at all, as I had to search very carefully to notice it!

The lead that comes with it s very soft; 7B! But I swapped it out for some HB lead, so I could write with it without having to sharpern it every ten seconds! The 7B lead is used for writing on various non-traditional materials, so it would be a perfect carpenter's pencil. You can also buy white and red colored leads,that are made to write on glass!

It's also very reasonably priced considering the excellent build quality! I paid 8 Euros/ 10-15 USDollars for this one!

For 25 Euros/ 35 USDollars, you can also get a very nice aluminum version of this pencil. And for 2 Euros you can get special D1 refills to transform it into a ballpoint pen, but to be honest, I don't really like the ballpoint refills!

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