Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visconti van Gogh

This Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen, that I accuired a few years ago, might be THE most beautiful and best writing fountain pen I own!

I consider myself very lucky, as I managed to get one right before Visconti decided to discontinue the Van Gogh collection ( There is already a new Van Gogh collection, though this is not the same pen as mine!)

It has a big medium steel nib, but I personally think it writes more like a European Fine, which is perfect for me. The nib has some very nice engraving on it, wich makes it look even more luxurious. It's definitely the nicest engraving i've ever seen on a 'normal' steel nib. 

Not only is the nib is beautifully engraved, the ring around the cap and the grip section are also engraved (on the band around the cap it says: Visconti Van gogh), even the converter has some engraving on it!  This pen really looks very expensive, and they really put a lot of time and effort into getting every detail of this pen to make it look just right! 

I chose the black barrel color, because in my opinion black always looks beautiful. But this one is different, it's the only pen I have that is made out of some sort of resin or celluloid, and it really looks amazing, the black color of the resin is very rich and deep. 

It is a fairly large and heavy pen, especially when you post the cap (posted: 16.5 cm / 6 and a half inches, unposted: 13 cm /  slightly over 5 inches) But I have small hands so it is perfect for me when the cap isn't posted, which also makes it slightly less heavy.

In general this is a beautiful pen (I know, I already said that before!) And the steel nib is the best you can possibly get. But it comes at a price!
I paid 175 Euros for mine, so that would mean: about 230 USDollars. Not to mention the fact that they aren't made anymore, so it could cost even more if you find one new these days. 
But believe me, it's definitely worth it's price!

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