Saturday, June 29, 2013

something more about the Pilot Hi-tec-c...

Thanks to a comment I got on the post about the Pilot Hi-tec-c, talking about more handsome barrel versions of this pen, I remembered having another version of this pen. I guess not many people know this one, even though the Hi-tec-c is a very popular pen. They produced these pens for some time a few years back, and my dad bought one. Luckily, he didn't like the way it writes (like I said before, not everyone likes the Hi-tec-c !), and I got it from him. But only now I found out that it is actually the same as the Hi-tec-c (even though it does say Hi-tec-c on the barrel, stupid me!)

It's a very strange looking pen, my guess is that it's meant to be used as some kind of desk pen, because it can stand up straight on it's own. 
I actually like the looks of it. It's still made out of plastic, but it has some weight to it because of the metal front part of the pen.

It's a very tiny pen though, and that migh cause a problem for some people. I have quite small hands and even I think It's just a little too short.

The good thing is the fact that the refill is exactly the same as with the normal Hi-tec-c pens. It's a 0.5mm, so it writes just a hair thicker than my 0.4 Hi-tec-c pens, but it's still the same awesome writing refill.  

I like the design of it, and the refill obviously makes it even better. But if they would have made it just a little bigger, it would be perfect for me. I'd say if you happen to find it somewhere, and you want to spend probably around 4 or 5 Euros, get one! It looks awesome, and if you like the normal Hi-tec-c, you might also like this one as well!

Do you know any other versions of this awesome pen? leave a comment below, I would love to find something new!


  1. I have never seen one of those - it's pretty cool!

  2. Yes they are quite difficult to find :-)! But I'm sure you'll find one if you search for them!


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