Friday, June 21, 2013

LAMY accent multipen review

I don’t really own that much multipens, so I’m not the guy that knows absolutely everything about them, especially not how the mechanism works. The main reason that my collection of multipens isn’t huge is because I’m in some sort of love-hate relationship with them: it’s nice to have a pen that can do everything, but it takes away the fun of being able to swap between a variety of pens and pencils.

Though if there is one multipen I would suggest, it would be this one! Lamy is known for their top quality products, and their  awesome  industrial looking designs.

The build quality on this one is by far the best I’ve seen on any multipen. Mainly because the inner mechanism doesn’t rattle that much like it does with other pens. And the Lamy refills write very smooth, not like the average D1-refills, which can be horrible sometimes!

The setup is ok for how I use it, though I swapped out the PDA-stylus (which is kind of old-fashioned) for a normal blue refill. It also houses a normal black ballpoint refill, a 0.5mm pencil insert, and a weird ballpoint-like highlighter refill. And they all perform exactly like you would expect.
Oh! And I nearly forgot to mention that it also has a typical small eraser under the pushbutton.

Designwise, I think it is one of the best looking pens Lamy makes nowadays. Although they kept it pretty basic, it has one unique feature: the grip section of the pen is interchangeable, so you can have a matte aluminum grip, or a rubber one, or a chrome one, there are a lot of different ones available. Mine has a nice matte dark wood grip, which looks very nice in combination with the matte black barrel.

Costing around 50 Euros in Belgium, it isn’t exactly cheap. And I think it is quite hard to get in the united states, though after some searching, and probably paying about 60 or 70 Dollars (that’s how much it would cost on normal exchange rates!) you will own a really good pen, that performs beautifully!

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