Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bloggers that have my eternal gratitude!

It's been a couple of days now since I started this blog, And I think it's the right time to thank some people.
There are six people in particular, that helped me out a lot by linking and giving good tips. They definitely made things a lot easier for me to start my own blog!

Make sure to click on the links below and check out their blogs, they are all top notch!


-Gourmet pens

-the Pen Addict

-Pen and Design

-On Fountain Pens

- Pencil Revolution

Special thanks to Mister Meckel from Bleistift, he really is an awesome guy, I've been Emailing him for a couple of days now and I really enjoy doing so!

Note: I haven't uploaded much the last two days, but I've been really busy on a secret project!!!! (I'll tell something more when it's finished!, and no, it's not pen or pencil related!)
Another problem is the fact that I only have time in the evening, but I need daylight to take good pictures, so I'm kind of stuck on that one as well! I hope you all understand and I'll try to make a new 'real' post tomorrow, or within two days at least!

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